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AUv3 iPad/iPhone Apple Silicon Mac

Laplace is an AUv3-compatible physical modeling synthesizer based on resonator synthesis, making it easy to create bowed strings, plucked strings, blown pipes, metallic sounds, and more.

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Free update installable on Apple Silicon Mac

If you have already purchased this App on your iOS device, you can download it to your Apple Silicon Mac for free as long as you use the same Apple ID as your iOS device.

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  • Note that depending on the parameter settings, loud sound may be produced.
  • This product can be installed on iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers with Apple silicon (M1, M2). It is an iPad and iPhone app that can run on Mac computers with Apple silicon. It cannot be installed on Mac computers with Intel CPUs.
  • This product supports only AUv3 plug-in format. Other plug-in formats are not supported. It can be used with AUv3-compatible DAWs.
  • This product is not suitable for the purpose of accurately reproducing the sound of acoustic instruments or other synthesizers. It has been developed with a focus on creating the sound of this synthesizer itself.
  • This product does not support MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression).
  • This product mainly contains basic presets that are useful as a starting point for sound creation. Please note that there are no huge amount of presets. Enjoy making sounds.


Synthesizer Engine

Block Diagram

  • Exciter
    • Click - Stiffness, Color, Decay, Damper Noise
    • Noise - LPF, HPF, ENV
  • Resonator
    • Flavor, LPF, ENV, Pitch ENV
    • Sine - Pitch, FM, ENV
    • HPF
  • LFO
  • Effectors
    • Chorus
    • Delay
    • Reverb
Main Sacreen


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Universal App

Compatible with Mac(Apple Silicon), iPad and iPhone.

Laplace can be installed on Macs with Apple silicon, but not on Macs with Intel CPUs. You can plug in host apps that support AUv3, such as Logic Pro, Garage Band, and Ableton Live.

Multiple layout UIs that are resizable and optimized for different screen sizes

Audio Unit Extension (AUv3)

This product supports only AUv3 plug-in format. You can use this AUv3 Plug-In in a host application that supports AUv3. Other plug-in formats are not supported.


  • MIDI Input
    • Core MIDI
    • Bluetooth MIDI
    • Virtual MIDI
  • MIDI Clock synchronization
  • MIDI Controller Mapping

Programmable Arpeggiator

You can easily create your own pattern.

Master Tune

You can adjust the pitch of the entire instrument.


You can change the equal temperament tuning scale to a different tuning.

Preset sharing

You can share your presets with other users. You can add presets created by other users to your preset library using the iOS Share Extension feature.